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Rework Sweater Vest Collection

Nike x AOF Rework

For the Women's World Cup 2023, our rework team created custom pieces out of 2022 scarves. These were gifted to the Lionesses and were available at the Nike flagship store in London.

Walsh and Bronze x AOF Rework

We designed custom AOF rework scarf gilets for Walsh and Bronze highlighting their key moments.

Meet the team

AOF Rework Series

  • Happy Father's Day. From, AOF x

    Happy Father's Day. From, AOF x

    FROM SAM How did it start? I started going to Forest games super young. I remember my first game that my dad took me to. It was 3-3 against Millwall,...
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  • Happy Mother's Day, From AOF x

    Happy Mother's Day, From AOF x

    My daughter Billie and I sit in the West Stand Lower at the Amex. Behind us are two sisters. To the left a husband and wife. More married couples in...
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  • AOF x Jill Scott

    AOF x Jill Scott

    A legend of the game and a national treasure, Jill Scotts embodies what it means to be a crowd leader. Naturally, AOF had to bring her an embroidered apron for the...
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  • AOF x Beth England

    AOF x Beth England

    AOF headed down south to visit Bethany England, and get an insight into the lifestyle of one of WSL and Lioness’s favourites.
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